Boost office productivity and morale. We take care of your breakroom so you can take care of your business! 

We have been providing Vending Services in South Baldwin County since 2007. We aim for complete customer satisfaction. MasRo Food Services has expanded services to include Micro Markets, Coffee & Tea Service, Office Pantry and Snack Boxes

Let us show you how amazing our team is. Call us today to talk snack and drink!


We can work with an existing space, layout a new area, or help renovated a current space with your design team and contractor. We don't just install equipment, we provide the organizers, stands, and know how to make coffee area functional spaces. 

We are always looking for new products to offer and our equipment is updated with the latest technology. 

We Keep you Stocked

Our restock service is done based on need not a schedule. We manage all Vending Machines and Micro Markets remotely so we always know when you are running low. 


Providing quality is important to us. We only use the best brands, and we ensure quality control over the products we stock. You can count on our team members to listen to your needs when it comes to snacks and beverages.

Cleanliness Matters

In addition to providing and stocking, we keep them clean and in good condition. Feel better about the food choices your team is making knowing that we have an eye for detail.

Food Safety

We take food safety extremely seriously. We are ServSafe certified by the National Restaurant Association. 

Site Survey

We will coordinate an in-person site visit which allow us to get a better understanding of the business and needs. We carefully examine the business size, usage levels, and more which will allow us to recommend one of our solutions. For some businesses, Vending might be a better fit, but for others, a Micro Market might make more sense. We can also provide other services like Coffee and Tea, Office Pantry, or Corporate Box.

Since the Snack and Beverages have a shelf-life, we need to ensure the products will be able to be sold prior to the expiration date. We also assess concerned with vandalism for the location and for our company. We need to ensure our equipment is placed in a secure place. We work closely with all of our locations to ensure the best service satisfaction. 

We currently operate, but not limited to

What we Offer

We help our clients find breakroom solutions for their office needs. Our programs are customizable and personally designed to accommodate the client’s vision for their communal office space. We strive to create partnerships with our local community in South Baldwin County.

From a variety of soft drinks to energy drinks, we have the beverages and snacks your employees crave. For more details visit our Product page.

Committed to You

We know how important customer service is to the businesses we serve. That's why we work hard to go above and beyond when delivering on our promises. Why don't we set up a time to talk about your business needs?


Who doesn't love getting your favorite snacks out of a vending machine? Our machines are equipped with the latest technologies. We are able to accept multiple types of payments and monitor inventory remotely.

Micro Markets are a new alternative to traditional Vending Machines. Micro Markets is one out of 4 technologies available for unattended retail, allowing customers to touch products before purchasing.

A great cup of coffee can go a long way toward making your team feel more appreciated. Boost morale and productivity for your organization with our premium fresh-brewed coffee, tea or even hot chocolate. 

Eliminate the hassle of ordering products from multiple places and get everything you need from one place. Whether you need beverages, snacks, meals, frozen items, or cleaning products, our pantry delivery service will save you time and money. 

Perfect solution for small offices. But can also be used as a gift.