Office Pantry Service

Give your team the benefits they want

What is a Pantry Service?

Very similar to a Coffee and Tea Service, an Office Pantry Service expand to include beverages, snacks, meals, frozen items, paper goods, cleaning supplies and more. These items can be offered to employees, visitors and customers for free or at a reduced cost.

You set the budget and your employees see the benefits!!!!

Our team will work with you to customize a budget that will fit the needs of your company. Our experts can help re-design or re-purpose an existing space. 

Enhance your Workplace Benefits and make employees feel appreciated, rewarded and supported for their work.

"76% of those who agree that their employer takes care of its employees are unlikely to look for another job."

ONE invoice from ONE supplier

Get everything you need from one source and eliminate the hassle of ordering products from multiple places, manage inventory and space, deliveries and restocking. 

Self Pantry

Our Service

Frequent Asked Questions

How do you know how much product we will need?

Our goal is to never overstock or underdeliver. We will work within your budget and your office’s usage.

How often do you deliver?

During our initial visit, we will evaluate your office’s usage levels which will help us determine the our deliver frequency.

What kind of snacks do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasures snacks, please see our Product page. We also provide gluten-free and nut free options. 

How much will we be spending?

We work with the budget you’re comfortable spending every month. This is completely customizable based on your office size, and demand. 

What if we already have enough of a certain product?

If you are already stocked with a product, we will not deliver any more of that product until it’s needed. For example, if you are set to receive 4 boxes of an item once a week but we find 3 boxes left, we will only deliver 1 box. Our representatives will ensure you have enough and not too many.

Do you offer shelves or snack storage?

We will work with you to select snack racks, baskets, etc. to fit your office design. We will make it look great!